воскресенье, 29 ноября 2015 г.

New country-DianaLand 

11th of November- this day went down in history, because this on this day, a new country was created.  Name of this country DianaLand. It placed between Canada and France in Atlantic Ocean. 

                                                      About the country  
Official name: DianaLand
Area: 300 km^2
Form of government: Democracy
Official language: English; French
Location: In Atlantic Ocean between Canada and France
Climate: Winter- windless, warmly, snowbound, min.temperature- -27C, max. temperature-7C. Summer- breeze, warm, min temperature-10C, max temperature-30C.

How DianaLand was found?
Our explorer team departed to Canada from France. On the second day of trip over the Atlantic Ocean, suddenly I understood that the weather was perfect, everyone in my team were happy, and I didn't know what was happened, but I understood, that I can create a new country in that place. It was something like inspiration to create something new. I don't know how, but when I stepped at the first time on the virgin land, I felt like I was home. After looking at my team, I saw their happiness, joy and indifference.
Unfortunately, these emotions, begun to be forgotten in our daily life. I mean, "happiness" started to be felt only if you had a great grade, or a lot of money, or expensive car and etc. However, happiness is our whole life. It is a time which you spend with your family or hanging out with your friends, it is a chance to go to school and get more and more knowledge, it is an opportunity to self-development. My goal is to bring more love in people's life, to spread love around me. To remind that it is necessary to notice beautiful nature, beautiful people and beautiful behaviors around us! To think only about good things. If we want to change the world, to make the world happier, we should start doing it from ourselves. Of course, there are a lot of problems, wars, disasters, and our actions it is only a drop in the ocean, but sometimes, this drop is important to the ocean to be bigger.
And then, I ventured and I told everyone about this country. So, that they can help me to made this country to be a better place to live there. To give everyone this feeling of happiness, that everyone retrieve this happiness in their life!

I hope that you will come to this country and see how beautiful and wonderful it is. Look what we did from the virgin, empty locality. And make your dreams came true♥♥♥